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Air source heat pumps

LGS is your local MCS certified air source heat pump (ASHP) installer in Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Attracting a large amount of media attending at the moment, air source heat pumps are an alternative and potentially low carbon way of heating your home. Essentially they are large air conditioning units working in reverse using latent heat from the air, pushing it through a compressed refrigerant gas heat exchange, producing hot water that can be used to heat the water and heating (via underfloor heating or radiators) in your home. These units are very high efficiency and providing you have a very well insulated home can provide a very cost and carbon efficient heat source.

Government grants

They are certainly not for every home and work well with modern homes and especially with wet underfloor heating. Currently the government is offering a generous repayments scheme for houses that have heat pumps installed The repayments can be as much as £11,000, although these payments are spread out over a 7 year period. At the time of writing the government has announced a new incentive starting in April 2022 whereby a £5000 grant will be offered to qualifying households.

We have experience installing a wide range of heat pumps including:

  • Mitsubishi Ecodan
  • Valliant Aerotherm
  • Grant
  • Daikin
MCS Certified Installer

We are also MCS certified. MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme, which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products and installation companies. Visit to find out more.

Whilst there is a large chunk of electrical work involved in the installation, we work closely with our sister company Green Earth Sussex to ensure a straight forward and seamless installation.

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