On the 23rd March 2020 Boris Johnson announced the UK’s lockdown in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The message was clear that the government told the nation to stay at home to help stop the spread of the virus. Johnson stated that there are only 4 reasons that permitted people to leave the house.

Theses were.

There has been a large number of people, Indeed at LGS we have received a large number of emails and telephone calls, asking if were are still working and if they are able to call us out. If you have a gas boiler breakdown, water leak or your toilet does not flush are you permitted to call a plumber or gas engineer to your property.

From a plumbers work point of view the guidelines would mean that a plumber is unable to work from home and therefore is free to go to work as needed.

There has been a further little guidance on this point, as obviously, allowing plumbers to work in customers houses increases the chance of spread of the disease.

Guidance, as found on the Gas Safe and other industry body websites states that, if visiting someone’s house the following distancing measures needs to be adhered to .

Keeping 2 meters apart at all time.

Washing hands frequently

Wiping down all surfaces before and after use.

Somewhat obviously, it also states that visits should not be made to properties if only of the residence show any signs or have tested positive for Covid 19. This would also apply to the engineer.

So in the interest of helping keep the economy moving, plumbing and heating businesses afloat and ensuring customers properly maintain their boiler and plumbing systems it certainly is OK to call on your local plumber to do work for you over the lockdown period.

At LGS plumbing and heating we are continuing to help customers with the gas and plumbing issues, we are being as strict as possible with our social distancing measures and we are also attending properties wearing PPE equipment of a mask and surgical gloves.

As we all know,  the situation is changing daily, there is hope that the lockdown restrictions with at at least partially lifted in the coming weeks, though  a second wave of infections could well lead to a tightening of restrictions and make harder for people like plumbers and gas engineers to work.

Useful information with regarding having tradesmen working in your house and indeed guidelines for the trade’s person themselves can be found at

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/further-businesses-and-premises-to-close/further-businesses-and-premises-to-close-guidance#work-carried-out-in-peoples-homes And: www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings/covid-19-decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings