Boiler Installation Services

What Make of Boiler Is Best?

Choosing the correct boiler to install in your property is an important decision. From experience the best and most reliable boilers are manufactured by Vaillant followed by Viessmann. Both vie for the top “Which magazine” top spot each year.

The exact model recommended for your property will depend on the size of your house, your water usage, budget and preference.

Please call or email us not for a free and obligation quote where we can survey your property and suggest the best option for you.

Unlike many of our competitors, we include the following in all our installations.

  • Full central heating power flush and treatment with inhibitor.
  • Complete rubbish removal from site at no additional cost.
  • All of the boilers we fit are now offered with 10 year warranty which we register for you.
  • Condense connection in 1/14 pipe to prevent freezing.
  • We remove our shoes before entering your property.
  • Laying of dustsheets throughout your property to ensure no mess is left.
  • Our quotes are fixed prices – what we quote is what you pay!

What Size Boiler Do I Need?

This will depend on the type of system you have installed, A conventional system, or system boiler will require a 12- 15KW boiler for a small house, 15-24 KW boiler for medium size house or a 24- 36 KW boiler for a large house. We use a complex set of calculations to determine the exact size of the boiler. It is important to size a boiler correctly, to small and you will end up with a cold property, too large and the boiler will not run efficiently.

If you choose to have a combi boiler installed the boiler sizing is done differently , and is more depended on the hot water requirements of the property rather than the property size.

Combi vs System Boiler? Combi vs Conventional Boiler?

We are often asked what are the advantages of combi boilers over conventional or system boilers.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of a combi boiler system.


Space saving – as you have no hot water cylinder you will save space.

Energy efficiency – depending on how you use water in your property it may well be more efficient to install a combi as it produces water on demand and you do not need to keep a large amount of water hot a lot of the time.

Water pressure – a combi boiler uses mains pressure water, this works at between 1 and 4 bar pressure. Combis with therefore normally produce between 9 and 14 liters of hot water per minute. This pressure and flow rate is enough to provide a good powerful shower without the use of a noisey pump.

Price – if replacing / installing both a boiler and a hot water storage tank it is cheaper to instal a combi.

Installation position versatility – combi boilers can be installed almost anywhere in a property providing fluing is possible. This allow them to be installed in lofts which makes them popular for properties with loft conversions.


Flow rate – although the pressure for one shower can be excellent from a combi, the flow rate can sometime be less than what is needed for 2 showers (ideally a minimal flow rate of 20 LPM which is needed to run 2 showers, no combi will give you this, this is why combis are not considered appropriate for larger houses with multiple bathrooms.

No hot water backup – conventional or system boilers normally have an immersion back up in case the boiler breaks down and stops producing hot water, Combi boilers do not have a back up and therefore you are without water hot water until they are fixed.

Reliability and longevity – because of the additional components and functionality combis on the whole are considered a little less reliable than conventional boilers.

How Long Will My Boiler Last?

Again a difficult question, however a good quality combi  boiler installed to a high standard should last around 15 years. A good quality well installed conventional boiler should last circa 20 years.

What Does a New Boiler Cost?

This will depend on your many factors such as the type, age and size of your system.

However a combi swap is with a high quality Vaillant or Worcester normally in the range of £1760 plus VAT.

A simple conventional boiler swap will be a little cheaper at around £1,700 plus VAT.

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