Although it’s not officially winter, the past few weeks have certainly felt like it! With people loathe to put the heating on just yet (‘put a jumper on!’), you may not have checked your central heating is in good shape. However, with the truly cold weather on the way, you will soon be reaching for the thermostat.

As any emergency plumber will tell you, its around this type of year, or worse – at Christmas, that people find themselves in trouble when things start to go wrong with their central heating and boiler.

Don’t let the cold weather catch you out, we have put together some tips and advice to get you set for winter.

Boiler Service


If you haven’t had your boiler serviced just yet, make it a top priority. A boiler service can cost as little as £65, which is nothing compared to what emergency repairs may run up to.  During a service the engineer will do a number of important safety checks, in addition to ensuring that the boiler is working to its full capacity. Any issues can be fixed before the cold weather hits. Remember, an annual boiler service is an important part of caring for your central heating, in many cases not having a service will invalidate your warranty.

Test Early and Plan Ahead


You may go the entire summer without switching your central heating on, meaning you don’t have a clue if its working or not. Boilers that are not in use, can and do seize up. Try to switch it on for fifteen minutes or so , every few weeks – just to make sure everything is in working order. Probably too late for this year, but keep in mind for next time. It pays to discover and fix faults early on.


Get a plan together now for what happens if the worst does happen.  We’re thinking of the worst, but would you know what to do if, for instance, your heating packed up on Christmas Day? A bank holiday? Or at 2am? Keep the number for an emergency plumber, close by the boiler – ideally stuck on it, so you will have the details to hand immediately. You should also keep the emergency number for gas leaks in the same place. Remember, if you smell gas, it needs to be looked at ASAP.

Insurance and Maintenance


It’s never a bad idea to have specialist boiler cover insurance in place. If you are a tenant, there is no need as it falls under the landlords responsibility, but if you’re a homeowner it could be worth it. Remember to first check that your boiler and heating isn’t already covered under your home insurance. There are also many catches to look out for which could invalidate your claim, such as certain types of property or boilers. Read the small print first.

There are certain works you can carry out in advance to make sure your boiler is in full working order and ready for winter. Consider adding lagging or insulation to pipes, before the weather gets colder. Water expands when frozen and often breaks pipes, so insulation is a sound investment. Something else you may want to consider before winter is powerflushing – basically a big clean for your pipes! Your central heating system is drained and cleaned during the process, ensuring your central heating is in top condition and ready for heavier use.

Get in Touch


We hope you found our advice useful, please get in touch if you have any questions about winter boiler care and we will be very happy to help.

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